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Thin Perspective

Thin Perspective
Thin Perspective

Thin Perspective,A person with a narrow point of view is biased. A narrow perspective is a negative, unfair way of looking at people, things and situations. This causes you to have a judgmental attitude towards other people. Examples include:

“I can’t stand that person.”

“No one knows what I’ve been through in a similar way.”

“I don’t care about anyone else’s problems.”

They often find it difficult to see things from other people’s perspectives.

Such people tend to be close-minded, stubborn and elastic in their thinking.They find it difficult to change their minds or admit that they were wrong about anything.

Such human beings often judge others based on superficial qualities in the form of race, gender, or age, rather than looking at deeper qualities in a similar way of intelligence and self.

People with this view are not capable of seeing beyond their own beliefs or experiences and thinking about whether others might feel good about a particular situation differently.

Such human beings can be xenophobic – they are afraid of foreigners or foreigners – because they do not want to take the time to get to know them first, without judging them by their nationality and appearance.

Such a point of view is a way of thinking that limits your options. It’s a kind of tunnel vision, something you can only see from one point of view.

People with this view tend to have fairly fixed ideas about how things should be. They believe that their path is the only correct path and that no other point of view is valid.

This kind of idea can lead to prejudice.This means judging people based on their race, gender, or sexuality, or another category that is socially constructed as “different”.”

If you are prejudiced against people who are different from you,you will struggle to perceive why they think differently, behave differently, and even look different from you.You will assume that because they behave differently from you, they must somehow be inferior — as if being different makes them less human.

A matter of narrow perspective(Narrow Perspective)

What happens from this point of view is a situation caused by the inability of people to see each other. For those who are trying to make a difference in people, this situation is a situation that is experienced quite often today.

To a request, he wants to make a speech at a class meeting. He reveals his conference ability with a beautiful statement about the cases that took place during the conversation. But there are also those who mostly try to say it from a narrow point of view. At this point, it should be reminded that;

In order for you to be successful in transferring your information to others, kind first requires that you keep your information up-to-date regularly.

People generally live in narrow perspectives. People don’t try to improve themselves, they prefer to feel good about themselves.

Although the narrow point of view has a different importance today, it continues to embody our social, economic and cultural preferences again. Thanks to the narrow perspective, invisibility and connections in those who are very close to each other, we probably become uninterested while we may not live using each other’s attention.

I would like to share with you the details about the narrow perspective. A narrow angle of view is a situation in which people can encounter different situations as well as encounter different objects from each other. For this reason, people are interested in a narrow point of view. For those who want to know if the narrow perspective is done well, you can access a lot of basic information.

There are many ideas that will give information about the narrow perspective. The narrow perspective is not only as the purpose of an education, but it is expected that their knowledge will have a positive impact that it can benefit you and the family. It may be possible to reveal this situation with different tools.

People who have clear sensations begin to make an effort to compare carefully. What should we do, where should we find it? Open sensations can always be seen as the best way. A sensory-related reaction is shown against a person who is trying to tell you what something is, and let’s assume that one of those who question him will not be able to stand up to him. In this case, if this person is seen reading many times, only this time it is noticeable.

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