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The Birth of Philosophy


The Birth of Philosophy
The Birth of Philosophy

The Birth of Philosophy,Philosophy kind of appeared once in the Ancient Greek civilization.The reason why it appeared in Ancient Greece is that there was more knowledge in Ancient Greece with the help of maritime, and besides, the concept of free time was very effective.Science is a discipline that was founded and developed by this human being in kind and thus spread to all of humanity.

His views on the contributions of philosophy to the state and society are interesting.Therefore,philosophy, which tries to keep different thoughts together, has such a view as Decap, while affecting the balance of the state. Philosophy has addressed not only philosophical issues in history, but also in our society

Parmenides gave a new form to philosophy.Indirectly, he Deciphered the connection between these two philosophical practices.

Philosophy is a branch of science that has wanted to preserve it since ancient times.World philosophy is the sum of different ways of thinking that are independent of each other. Philosophy kind of appeared once in the Ancient Greek civilization.The reason why it appeared in Ancient Greece is that there was more knowledge in Ancient Greece thanks to maritime labor, and besides, the term leisure time was very influential.

The Philosophers of the First Age


Socrates became one of the first and greatest thoughts in the advent of philosophy, which was called a systematic method of ideas by the Greek.Socrates’ philosophy was the methods he used to investigate human behavior and personalities.Socrates’ philosophical method is dialectical.


Parmenides was born in Elea, a Greek colony on the west coast of Italy.He was one of the kind people who wrote prose.The child stage was influential in the development of later philosophical thought.his studies,he and his student Zenon of Elea (M.he. 5. Decadence) has been preserved as a dialogue between.

Parmenides believed that what we perceive as reality is an illusion in the form of a dream or a reflection in a mirror. He argued that since opposites cannot exist at the same time,they cannot be hot and cold at the same time; one must choose hot or cold, only not both. If one chooses cold, then he cannot be hot at the same time; if he chooses hot, then he cannot be cold at the same time.


Pythagoras was born on the island of Samos in Ionia.He may have been a student of Thales and Anaximander, but it is not known whether they taught him.

Factors that are effective in the birth

Philosophy is concerned with the investigation of the idea systems of everyday life and humanity that realize the subject of science. Philosophy is a science and can be recognized as an evaluation system. The history of philosophy is a history of science and contains different opinions produced in different periods from the new era to today. There are similar points in the structure of these views, which have emerged at a scientific level in different periods.

Philosophy is the repository of changes and information in human thoughts. In the context of philosophy, it has emerged as a concept that questions and accumulates every thought. The factors that were influential in the birth of philosophy have been a factor in the emergence of philosophical theories. The affected classrooms and institutions related to philosophy are listed below:

Philosophy in antiquity; all kinds of knowledge that is not explained properly with a linguistic orientation.

Although there are a number of factors that are effective in the birth, these are the three important ones:

-Natural philosophy (and of course experience)

-Scientific philosophy

-Religious philosophy

Other factors that were a factor in its birth

1-The influence of culture.

2-The effect of education.

3-The impact of the political and social order.

4-The influence of the outside world.

The Philosophies of the Ancient Philosophers

The philosophers of antiquity are the representatives of the principles that have left their mark on the philosophy of antiquity. The philosophy of ancient philosophers can be changed depending on historical processes and government policies.

The most respected of the ancient philosophers are the philosophers who are based on the term “East” in Turkish and who also represent themselves with a strong religious belief. In this case, ancient philosophers who have a religious belief are trying to turn religious belief into politics.

Note: early philosophers used philosophy to study and systemize the natural sciences, which were developed by people living between most of Greece and the Egyptians and genup Asians, in order to Decipher them, friends,I have told you about the birth of philosophy.

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