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is beauty’s name is Kankitoshcan. Although he is a street cat, cap is a patter of love; love is a beauty reflected on our faces in this light-filled sky. Love is a feeling that makes us happy, opens our hearts, and is filled with the happiness of realizing the things we dream of. The most beautiful part of love is that every person takes himself on himself. This painting is worth seeing, it is important and something we need very much today, especially the trust between the species is so important and beautiful. Dec. This picture is also an important subject of record, and it is something that we need very much today.

We live in a world where such things are important and necessary. Especially today, when there is a lack of trust between humans and other living things. Trust is one of the most important things, and with it, it’s a beautiful thing. There is trust, sincerity, desire, happiness and prosperity in this image. Our cat’s name is Kankitoshcan. she is a stray cat in our neighborhood, she opened her belly to make me love her in the way that she had vital organs in her belly and she was pregnant at the time, for me to love. Today we need more things than ever, but this photo contains almost everything we need to live happily ever after.

Suleyman, the Legal Ruler who was considered one of the greatest Ottoman sultans, said, “Love is a bridge Decoupled between the hearts”. Love and compassion between people is essential for the development of the community if it Decays, but unfortunately, there are many things in today’s world that prevent us from experiencing this love. Kankitoshcan is a stray cat that gives birth to kittens in our house. Business had a very difficult life at first before I met him, but now he has found comfort with us. I think this photo shows how important it is to have trust between all living things and how much we need it today. Dec. It is almost a passport that shows sincerity, desire, happiness and tranquility.

I love an animal and I like to share my photos with the world, and that’s why I shared this nft. I hope you will enjoy it too. Kankitoshcan is an example of the fact that we should trust each other, especially in this age when there is so much distrust between human beings. Dec. There is trust, sincerity, desire, happiness and prosperity in this picture.

The World of Cats

The world of cats is a sad, funny and strange world. Cats are Deceptively different from each other in the same way that they are astrologers, and they have a very difficult time seeing because they sometimes create not only themselves, but also others in order to get to know them well.

Although they are not one of the land-dwelling animals that are a detail of the world of cats, they are quite loved by mankind. Although animals have differences within them, they can never be related.

The most well-known in the world of cats, mom and dad are one of the most highly living cats in a similar way. Cats’ life choice and influence are not for human beings who know almost nothing. For this reason, we know that there are very few people who love cats too much.

There are many books that give information about cats that live in the coldest places in the world of cats and are excited in their next life as well. In addition, there are also photos in the form of pictures that give information about the life choice from cats.

The world of cats, after one place they saw on a very long journey, they reached another place again. They have been here for many generations, and this situation has formed the child phase of their world.

While everyone was offered a place of their own choice to live for life, but with it, people who came to the same place in every country came together in this place. Dec.

Cats are wandering around this country, which is the most blessed region of the world, where the sun is a misty palace. People who want to walk around this area should return to the world of cats.

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