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Data Science


Data Science
Data Science

Data Science: 21. The Most Popular Branch of the Century

Data Scientists and the Data-Driven World

The world is overflowing with a huge amount of data that appears in businesses on a daily basis. The rise of the Internet and the emergence of social media platforms have caused an extreme increase in the amount of data generated. In order to add added value to the business, it is necessary to extract useful gains from the data, it just does not make sense that these data sets alone cannot produce values. It takes professionals with expertise to process these huge data sets and extract meaningful data from the data. Qualified professionals are data scientists who are considered a combination of scientific method, technology and mathematical skills and tactics.

Data Science Application

Data science has spread its influence to almost every sector, such as health, education or entertainment. The widespread growth and progress in the field of data science has proven how important sound is for an organization’s success in outperforming its competitors in fierce competition. For example, Netflix is emerging as the most popular entertainment Decadence and a craze among today’s generation. But you may wonder if this has a good thing to do with data science. The type of movies and TV shows you watch affects your collection on the homepage. Netflix steps in to automatically recommend movies and television shows that you need to watch compared to what you’ve watched before. All this is done by data scientists who collect and analyze data about your previous elections.

The same thing works on YouTube. It also recommends the videos you should watch based on the videos you have watched. This task is complex because it involves the use of certain computer programs and statistical algorithms by data scientists. The data science craze has forced major Fortune 500 companies to adopt data science-related techniques and methodologies. This situation has created a need for skilled data scientists.

What are the Responsibilities of a Data Scientist?

The primary responsibility of the data scientist is to collect datasets and use Hadoop, SAS, R, Python, etc. To organize with the help of analytical tools. However, all the responsibilities of a data scientist are listed in detail below.

1) Collection, arrangement, analysis and interpretation of data sets.

2) Using current data at sew history fix to detect the business problem and predict future trends.

3) To develop more innovative and advanced analytical methods.

4) To find and reveal the hidden solutions in the data pile for business problems, thus adding added value to the business.

5) Presenting the data analysis results in a clear and detailed format and using them effectively.


The noise and madness caused by data science requires you to study the job in detail first before making a career in data science. High salary and job prospects are a big wish. However, your personal tastes and your interest in numbers and patterns should be the criteria that you will use to determine whether this career choice will be suitable for your career.

This Science is a project aimed at creating a free educational platform for children in rural areas. We want to offer them the opportunity to work online, at their own pace and wherever they want.

This Science is a research group specializing in Artificial Intelligence (computer based intelligence) and Machine Learning. We have been working on various projects related to artificial intelligence since 2012.

This Science is a non-profit organization established to provide education, information and support to people interested in the science of genetics. Our goal is to help people understand whether genetic information is stored well in DNA and how it can be used to solve problems.

This is a free software package for molecular dynamics simulations in Science, NAMD and OpenMM molecular modeling programs. It also has Vericloud, a support program that allows users to run simulations on remote computers and test them from a single computer.

This Science uses the Barone-Kendall method for force calculation, not just explicit solvent models. The default model is a Lennard-Jones potential and a Lennard-Jones charge move model with a dielectric function of 1-4 in addition to H2O molecules.

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